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I’m Dreaming of a White Commencement

(**sing the title to the tune of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas**) So what’s the relevance you ask?  Well if you don’t live in Virginia then I would understand but if you do then you must be living under … Continue reading

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Wine Not Stop Along the Way?

This past weekend I chose to move all of my Dad’s stuff into this awesome storage place I found in Goochland County.  I was lucky enough to have the big muscular help of Park Ranger (who by the way is … Continue reading

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Thankful for a New York Minute

This year I had the wonderful opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in New York City with Miss Fancy Boots (aka Amanda) and her family.  I have to say although I’m not a huge fan of the whole long-distance relationship thing it … Continue reading

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An Argument That’s “Too Light”…

… on the drink that’s “Just Right”.  If you haven’t seen Bud Light’s new series of TV commercials featuring the “Too Light” v. “Too Heavy” scenarios then check them out here, here, and here and you’ll get the joke in … Continue reading

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