Goal Update: Week 7

A little late, I apologize, but with seven weeks in the book that only leaves five left to accomplish my goal of landing a job within 12 weeks of graduation.  Please, don’t remind me that I’m actually almost done with Week 8 as I write this post!  So here’s for an update…

Week 7 saw some highs and lows.  I had another phone interview, this time with James River Cellars.  Unfortunately I found out yesterday via email that they filled the position I applied for (Retail Sales/Event Coordinator).  That’s okay though, I have to admit I wasn’t all that psyched about the hours required vs. the hourly pay rate.  Especially considering after my wonderful experience at Bon Vivant Market in Smithfield, VA the bar was set pretty high in terms of wine tastings and retail sales.  All in all though I have enjoyed my experience at the James River Cellars tasting I went to about a month ago and sampling their wines at the recent Zest Fest fundraiser (more to come on that later).

I also learned of my rejection from another application yesterday as well.  My application with Albemarle County Fire/Rescue was rejected… burn! (no pun intended)  Pretty lame when you can’t even make it past the initial application screening to the CPAT and written testing portion.  I think some of the contributing factor may be my lack of fire experience.  At least that’s the only thing I can think of because I certainly have quite a great deal of EMS experience for a candidate of my age, well at least in my opinion I do.  Strike 2.

So I was always a pretty good batter with 2 strikes on me back in the day (yeah I feel old) when I played baseball just about year round.  I also had a great eye for the strike zone and could work the count deep, even walk if necessary.  That being said I’m hoping that my luck will turn around this weekend as I head to our nation’s capital to conduct my in-person interview with Fund for the Public Interest.  Of course it would be nice to hit a home run, but as I always said when I played… you have to get on base first before you can score.  I’ll take a base hit on this one for sure.  No need to swing for the fences and risk popping up for an out, or even worse completely missing the ball.

Hope you enjoyed the baseball analogy folks, just a subtle reminder its Spring Training time of the year, which means I’m excited!!

Until next time, Cheers!

About Jeremy

Born and raised in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, Jeremy grew up with the sand between his toes and the sun shining on his skin all year long. A "student of the game" in both baseball and golf, he wishes he had more time to enjoy them up in the Big Apple. A somewhat recent graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, more fondly called Virginia Tech, his studies yielded two bachelor's degrees. The first a B.S. in Human Resource Management and the second a B.A. in Public and Non-Profit Management. While he misses Blacksburg, the Home of the Hokies, he's embraced a new life in New York, where as Mr. Sinatra says, "... if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." He currently works for New York City's premier volunteer organization, planning customized corporate service projects.
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3 Responses to Goal Update: Week 7

  1. Daniel High says:

    Jeremy I think you are making great progress with the job hunt…you have leads and interviews…so many job hunters just sit around waiting for something to fall in their lap…what you are going through reminds me of my post college exp, you are paying your dues in the working world, you will eventually land the job you are hoping for.

    PS, Albermarle County FRD…if they skipped over you they must be looking for something other than the best candidates, most likely looking for “under represented classes” or some serious nepotism is going on down there. Don’t give up on the opportunity, that is wine county and fighting for a job down there might be worth the hassle…the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Complain to the County supervisor, Fire Chief…make some noise.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, and in your day you could steel your way home! Albermarle County FRD obviously knew they couldn’t afford you! Remember in God’s time is never as perfect as ours. We all know where you want to be. I just didn’t know you liked the snow so much!

  3. Lori says:

    Jeremy, getting a firefighter position is very difficult. I know, both my boys are firefighters and the reality is that at the last round of hiring there were over 500 applicants for 10 jobs. Keep putting yourself out there and don’t take it personally. You know He has a plan for you, keep going forward and He will open the right door.

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