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Tease Me!

Let me start by reminding you all that here in the U.S. of A. we just celebrated the switch from Daylight Savings Time (DST) to Eastern Standard Time (EST).  If you still haven’t realized this occurred I would argue that’s … Continue reading

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She Said Yes!

I said wow, she said when, I said how about right now? So Monday I told you all about my cool new fellowship.  If you didn’t read up on Monday then shame on you, but seriously go read that first. … Continue reading

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Subway Comedian

As I have mentioned before, you never know what you’ll see on the subway.  I think it’s part of the beauty of public transportation in New York City.  Especially along the (1) train line, off of which I live.  The … Continue reading

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Good’day Fellow

The Coastal Wind recently came under, surprising not so sassy, allegations of not blowing frequently enough from Miss Sassy Pants (you’ll find them about half way through the post). While I could make plenty of excuses why there have been … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Grapevine?

Oh no worries, it’s still there.  I just haven’t updated it in awhile.  Why you ask? Well pretty simple and it goes something like this…  The concept of the Grapevine started as this great way for me to catalog the … Continue reading

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