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One Final Look

Miss Fancy Boots and I started packing up the non-essentials in our apartment this weekend.  That’s when it struck me, many of you haven’t had the chance to see the beautiful apartment we’ve lived in for the past year.  So … Continue reading

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Satisfyingly Sweet and Saucy Sea Bass

*Update* Miss Fancy Boots promptly pointed out it was actually Wild Sea Bass we used, not Salmon as previously described.  Either way pick a fish you enjoy and make it happen! Today’s the third Friday in Lent.  How are you … Continue reading

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Make Your Next Move Sustainable

Moving in New York City is a bit of a habitual right for most inhabitants.  It is something like a birthday yet far less celebrated.  For most, it comes once a year on [or around] the same day each year. … Continue reading

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Basketball’s Bracketgate and the Fall of America

I will preface the following post with a very important note.  Some of you may think otherwise and your entitled to that opinion.  However, I sit here and write this as a bonafide political moderate.  [cue laughter from conservative friends … Continue reading

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The Best Chipotle Meal During Lent

Since this is the Lenten season I feel I must be honest and tell you that last week, Miss Fancy Boots and I added a bit of spontaneity to our lives.  We decided last minute to use one of the … Continue reading

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Starbucks Presents: Certified Fair Trade Bathrooms

In all seriousness, my goal was to write a much more serious minded post.  However, given the pain and agony of seeing my beloved Hokies snubbed from the NCAA tournament by a bunch of arrogant, overpaid, tainted, egotistical, political bums, … Continue reading

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You Don’t Eat Meat? It’s OK, I Make Lamb!

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again! You may remember from last year that I did a little series on recipes to use for Fridays in Lent. For those of you who are new, welcome and you can … Continue reading

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Is That Your Voice God?

I can’t remember what it’s like in DC, Boston, or elsewhere in the country with light rail (subway) public transit. But, here in New York City, our trains are driven and conducted by real live people. Yep, with only a … Continue reading

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