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In a Flash Like That, Recognize I’m Back

That’s what my friend T.I. says in the last line of the chorus in his first rap released post-incarceration.  Ok so you’re right, T.I. is not my friend, nor have I been incarcerated or released a rap album following my … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Hokie Nation

Often times I was and am still told I’m too harsh on my fellow Hokies.  Chastising them for their poor behavior and reflection on the University when others would say, “they’re in college, take it easy, they’re supposed to have fun.”  It … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned…

To all my [few] faithful readers: You are my inspiration. I have not forgotten about you. And yet you haven’t felt The Coastal Wind in awhile. Those of you upset about not having your Fasting Friday recipe yesterday, I apologize. … Continue reading

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But I Just Want Wings and Beer!

Ah, welcome to the moving day edition of Fasting Fridays!  In case you forgot Miss Fancy Boots and I are in Day 2 (really the big day) of our big move down to the Upper West Side (paradox intended).  You’ll … Continue reading

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