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Introducing the iCrap App

Walk into the bathroom of a Baby Boomer’s house and you’re more than likely to find a magazine rack/holder/basket/etc.  Why is that?  Well without going into any more detail than the title of this here post, I think we all … Continue reading

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Design on a Dime

Okay so maybe more like a dime spot?  One of my favorite things about being an adult with a new space to live in is finding all sorts of things to complete the design ideas and inspirations I have floating … Continue reading

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A Tack Here and a Jibe There Made for a Whale of a Sail!

Groupon can be a great thing, although personally I don’t believe they’re worth $20 billion.  Awhile back, Miss Fancy Boots and I picked up a Groupon for a “Taste of Sailing” with Hudson River Community Sailing, a local non-profit sailing … Continue reading

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Save More, Waste Less

Why don’t we all choose to save more and waste less?  There’s a novel idea.  Good news is that GOOD thought the same thing and chose it as their GOOD 30-Day Challenge for the month of July.  I’m sure some … Continue reading

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Dear Amurrica, Thanks!

Thanks for inviting me to your sweet birthday party yesterday.  I’m pretty sure I always wanted to have fireworks at my candle lighting celebration too, but that never happened.  You must be awfully special.  I did get to have a … Continue reading

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The LOFT Republic 600

Saturday, Miss Fancy Boots and I decided to take advantage of some of the many Independence Day sales this 4th of July weekend. I realized after our second stop and the multiple laps around the store an back & forth … Continue reading

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