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An Argument That’s “Too Light”…

… on the drink that’s “Just Right”.  If you haven’t seen Bud Light’s new series of TV commercials featuring the “Too Light” v. “Too Heavy” scenarios then check them out here, here, and here and you’ll get the joke in … Continue reading

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View Through a Blurry Lens

Public-Private Partnerships are becoming viewed through an increasingly blurry lens these days.  As the market society we have in the United States continues to commodify more and more public goods and services, we risk moving away from providing goods and … Continue reading

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An Oft Overlooked Issue

Today the Roanoke Times reported that Tuesday night Roanoke County Board of Supervisors … unanimously directed County Attorney Paul Mahoney to “commence appropriate legal action against Clearbrook Rescue Squad Inc. to secure an accounting of its financing, distribution of its … Continue reading

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